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When you get lost

Many elderly people are walking in Japan. However, younger people are more likely to understand English. Also, many people can understand English better by writeing than by speaking, because of Japanese educational flaws.
Many young people work at convenience stores. If there are not many customers, the person may tell you the way.

Eating while walking is a bad manner

In Japan, eating while walking is considered rude. Many Japanese do not like to eat while standing. It is better to eat after you stop or bring it hotel.
Japanese people eat while standing exceptionally during festivals and events. This may be a double standard. However, the correct manners in Japan are not to do anything different from the people around you.

Pour drinks into each other’s glasses

In Japan, if you pour a drink into another person’s glass at a tavern, you are considered a polite person. Therefore, Japanese people pay attention to each other’s drinks.

Where to take off shoes

Japanese people are not ashamed to take off their shoes in public.
Please take off your shoes, if there is someone’s shoes, shoebox or slippers at the entrance. Do not put shoes on the tatami mats.

How to use chopsticks

Do not stab food with chopsticks. Do not pass food from your chopsticks to another person’s chopsticks.
Japanese pass food on a plate.

It is better not to leave food

In Japan, people who do not leave food are preferred. It is normal to leave noodle soup, but if you drink it may be appreciated by others.

Eat horse and whale meat

Many Japanese eat horses and whales with the same feeling as eating chickens, cows and pigs.

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